Prepare The Hair Before A Photo Shoot!

Having the best condition of the hair and skin for a photo-shoot is very important. I always say if you want to learn how to correct your makeup applications and hair color placement setting up a photo shoot with your clients is the best way to learn. Feel free to do the hair color before the shoot, I recommend to do the service 2-3 days before and make sure you have trimmed the hair. The day of the shoot will be just a shampoo maybe a hair color glazing and the setting of the style for the photo shoot. I don’t like to use a conditioner for the day of the shoot it will make the hair too smooth and will also stop from holding a style. Just a few pumps of a leave in conditioner in the hair will do the trick for you. Also if the hair is long and fine a good volumizer will also do the trick to dirty up the hair. Its funny you will clean the hair then after you are done you have to dirty up the hair to get it to hold a style for the photo shoot.  I like to curl the hair a lot for my shoots and I will set the hair in heat rollers or curl the hair and then set each curl in a pin curl then proceed with the makeup application.  After I set the hair I also like to use plastic hair pins so they don’t leave a mark in the hair. And then I Spray, Spray, Spray the hair with a workable aerosol hair spray. I feel the pump sprays come out too gummy. After the makeup I will loosely take down each curl and then tousle the hair and spray again. Not using a brush or comb is key here. You want to keep the curl. Once you have achieved the look you want use a beach spray to texture the hair up and give it more volume. And there you go!